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Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Independent Music Awards

Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Blues Music Awards


Reviews for Ben Prestage

Here's just a few of the raving reviews the"one-man-band", Ben Prestage has received


“Skim Ben’s bio and you can practically hear the hands of a thousand marketing executives rub together... his one man, beat-boxing, junk-shop vibe is so achingly ‘now’ that it could have been brainstormed by Saatchi & Saatchi.... Apt in the best possible way...earthy, unfussy energy, manic musicality, and the taste of dirt and whisky.”

- Classic Rock magazine

“I have never seen a finger picking right hand fly so fast with so much perfection and articulation then I did last night...”

- Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast

“First up on stage was a grisly bearded guy with a train engineer’s cap who appeared to be doing a solo acoustic set. Yeah, not so much. This phenomenally talented dude was Ben Prestage, a bona-fide one-man-band! The sound that came from the stage was a swampy, whisky-soaked Tennessee blues that made you stomp your foot and slap your leg…By the time he brandished his cigar box-broom handle guitar I was smitten. I’m not kidding when I say this guy could play the drums with his feet as good as I can with all my limbs. I was left with no choice but to purchase both his albums and hope it was half the experience seeing him live was. I felt really sorry for the headlining band because no matter how awesome you are, it is nearly impossible to follow an act like Ben’s.”

- Jack’s Jax magazine

“A big hit of the night was Ben Prestage. He has gone from a busker on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, to being played regularly on XM Radio. Prestage played as a one-man-band, feet operating drums and cymbals. His blues had all the grit and funk of the South, with surprising twists. As a guitarist he could go from Piedmont Ragtime style to something akin to the baroque playing of Leo Kottke, all while singing of fishing, drinking and his taste in women. Prestage then pulled out his secret weapon, a homemade guitar with a cigar box body, two broomsticks for a neck, and bass and guitar strings run through separate channels. He laid down an irresistible and raw electric boogie that brought the audience to its feet. It was a devilish sound from Prestage.”

- Kalamazoo Gazette

“Ben Prestage stomped and picked his way through a very enjoyable set of unfurnished porch blues. His recordings tend to play a bit nice but his live performance was much more ruggedly interesting, its seams giving the music better character lines. His cigar box instrument was remarkably rich in tone and expression despite having only three guitar strings and one bass string…”

- Orlando City Beat

“He...dives into the backwater swamp-funk that you might expect from a kid with roots in Mississippi and Central Florida, [and] creates his own rhythms, playing the drums and banjo at the same time. He's got the gritty backwoods appeal that blues lovers, well, love. So check him out, and see what blues heritage looks like up close and personal.”

- Miami Newtimes

"Prestage has made a reputation on lighting things up on stage, so those with the preconception that the blues are dull are sure to be blown away. Armed with a host of homemade guitars, a foot operated drum set, and a distinctive southern growl, he blasts an electrified mix of swamp and delta blues."

- Artvoice magazine

“He's got the guitar and drums locked into his own internal clock.”

- Charlotte Observer