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Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Independent Music Awards

Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Blues Music Awards

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Song Lyrics

Lyrics from Song, "I wish I was a Catfish / Backdoor Man"

I wish I was a catfish, swimmin' in the deep blue sea
I'd have all you good lookin' women, swimmin' after me

Well, there's two, two trains runnin and no one's goin' my way
One runs just before midnight and the other just before day

I went down to my baby's house, and I sat down on her step
She said come on in now, my husband just now left

I am the back door man, the men don't know but the little girl's  understand

They took me to the doctor shot full of holes
Head nurse spoke up and said, "Save his soul!"

Killed a man for murder, 1st degree
Judge's wife cried, "Let the boy go free!"